Valuable Resources 4 U

I will continue to add to the links on this page to help my blog readers find helpful information or art/craft supplies to ease your creative/small business process. I believe entreprenuership will help to heal our nation’s economic crisis. As I learn to grow my creative business, I hope any info I find and share here will help you too.

ONLINE COMMUNITIES super useful craft site chock full of craft tutorials offered up by Craftster members.
Creating The Hive-a community for crafters,creatifs artists and artisans.
Everyday Matters Yahoo Group-Everyday Matters group on yahoo was started by artist Danny Gregory, read about him and check out his link below under “Sites-Inspirational” listing.
WetCanvas-need an answer quick on a particular art medium, need to know where to find such a medium? Question about technique, need feedback-look no further than this all encompassing website/forum for artists.

The Website,Escape from Illustration Island offers wonderful advice for the burgeoning illustrator. This link is a tutorial to turn your sketch into a vector illustration using Illustrator Program.

The Costume Site: All the information you would need to research what people wore way back when.
This-to-That: A wonderful site listing glues that work best on different surfaces.

Danny Gregory-He had a job in poly-sci, though he hankered to be an artist. When his wife was injured in an accident, he turned to sketching and journaling to ease his emotional pain. The life of artist Danny Gregory is a profoundly inspiring one-to the point he has avid followers who’ve joined in on his Everyday Matters movement of sketching or visually chronicling one’s life, observations, musings every day. I have his wonderful book: An Illustrated Life-buy it! It’s terrific!
National Institute of American Doll Artists-this prestigious organization encompasses the very finest of doll artists from all over the world. Definitely try to attend one of their conferences, this year it will be held in Connecticut!

Artizen Magazine-a wonderful online publication of the best ever eye candy! You can submit your own work to the editor for publication consideration.
Celebrate365-This magazine by Editor Connie Porcher focuses on the artist that creates work with a holiday theme. Definitely worth looking into if your work centers around Halloween, Christmas or any of our other holidays.
Pinterest– Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Someone pinned one of my magnets and it drew people to my ETSY store-so thank you kindly!

Art Bistro-this site is chock full of business information for artists, designers, animators and illustrators. They cover such topics as the best states that offer creative jobs in the highest salary range.
ArtsyShark-This blog is one of the most informative I’ve ever subscribed to, chock full of information to help the small business creatif get a headstart on hanging out their shingle.
BigCartel-Creatifs want to open your own shop? Big Cartel may be the answer
Idea Cafe-need a grant? tired of all the scams online promising you buckets of government money? This is one online source that is honest and helps the entrepreneur-through contests to win grant money for their fledgling small business.
Etsy: The best online artisan/artist/vintage vendor/craft supplier venue online-open your own shop for free!
Freelancers Union-Want to leave the day job? Afraid of losing your health benefits, well, then check out the Freelancers Union!
Guru-Need income? Are you a logo designer? Graphic Designer? Illustrator?-a site for the experienced to add to their income, or for the newbie grad to cut their teeth on until their business builds up.
KickStarter: Need to raise funds for your creative entrepreneurial business? Got turned down for a grant? Look no further than KickStarter.
SCORE-Need a mentor to help you with starting up your own business? this organization partially funded by the Small Business Administration can offer timid entrepreneurs all kinds of help and for FREE!
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators: If you want to write children’s books or illustrate them or both, this is the organization for you.
Template Sold-Can you design templates? Well here is a marketplace for graphic/web designers to sell their designs for WordPress users.
WordPress-For the serious professional blogger it looks like WordPress is what the pro’s use-and it’s free!

American Art Editions-need quality prints of your work, this printer was recommended by some ETSY artists.
CafePress: Want print your designs on products? T-shirts, mugs etc. This site is for you.
Joggles-a great place to purchase art supplies, take workshops, etc.
Moo-another great place to get your designs printed up on their products-check out their stickers and little wee mini cards. They also offer the unique opportunity for you to print a different image on a whole stack of postcards.
New England Felting Supply-based in East Hampton Massachusetts this company always seems to have the newest state-of-the-art supplies for your felting needs.
Schoepfereyes-Connecticut’s own manufacturer of quality glass eyes for doll and bear artists, based right here in Cheshire Connecticut!
Spoonflower-want to print up your own cloth dolls? Fabric Designs? Ornaments? Puppets? etc? Go no further than this homegrown North Carolina business and join in their challenges fun and make and or buy some neat stuff!
VistaPrint-Whatever you need printed up to start up your small business-start here! The car magnets for my husband’s business we got printed up here for a real deal, and resulted in my handing out business cards in parking lots!
Zazzle-Another print on demand site where you can digitally upload your designs on a variety of products and sell them on the site or order and sell at shows.


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