Fun Stuff

Fun Sites to visit:
CakeWrecks: What happens when good intentions and lack of talent and culinary knowledge? You get Cakewrecks!

CreateYourOwnToy: Design your own stuff toy on this site.

How to Needlefelt a Snowman-I’ve been needlefelting for ten years and many bandaids now. Here is a quick and easy vid on the process.

DoodlersAnonymous:-I joined in on their Napkin Draw and also drew on a Netflix envelope for two of their challenges-see if you can find my work! And also enjoy the art of other addicted doodlers.

JulianBeever-Amazing chalk murulist Julian Beever travels the world entertaining the public with his Trompe L’oeil sidewalk pavement art.

Matthew Archambault is a fabulous teacher at the School of Visual Arts, I would love, love, love to take one of his classes. I find his Youtube Videos showing some of his students sketchbooks-of which he demands they fill a whole book with drawings before the course ends-very inspiring.

Squigglefly-This is a popular site for crafters seeking to purchase digital stamps for their own crafting projects. My illustration work is represented on this site too.

Tape Sculpture-Next Halloween, ya gotta get out the packing tape, saran wrap and a willing friend to create a ghostly surreal sculpture.

Three-D-Paintings-A young artist from Washington D.C. paints people into her canvasses, a must see!

Warholize Yourself-Make a Pop-Icon poster of yourself in the style of Andy Warhol.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction-Sisters shouldn’t let sisters encourage mother to videotape you after a wisdom tooth extraction. . .

Zentangle Exercise: Ideas for drawing zentangle patterns, a meditative form of drawing.


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