It’s Back! Chocolate Cream Soda at Hosmer’s

My husband and I believe in supporting small local and state-wide businesses. In other words, we try to keep our tax dollars within Connecticut Borders when we can.

Yesterday we took time out for an antique hunt with my friend Donna May Robinson-Pellittieri, We had a blast. Donna May a phenomenal doll and textile artist has the same interest in old artifacts as Mike and I and she’s renovating her home pretty much the way we are, with her own two hands.

I wanted to introduce Donna May to some of some culinary delights in this neck of the woods as well. After exploring a couple of antique shops in Windsor, we headed here in Williamantic Connecticut:Williamantic Brewery Company where we stood in line for ten minutes as the old Post Office-huge in size-was packed with Saturday visitors. Mike and I had their burrito, Donna May a turkey club. Note to beer enthusiasts-buy the growler so you can take home a wonderful sampling of your favorite brewsky.

Afterwards, we headed over to Hosmer’s Soda Company-just around the bend from the Brewery, this is where we spied the Chocolate Cream Soda sign. Hosmer’s soda is made from fresh mineral spring water and real cane sugar-no high frutose syrup here. The result is a surprisingly fresh soda pop that tastes like the kind you drank decades ago on a hot summer’s eve. Hosmer’s offers many flavors from chocolate cream-we bought, I tasted, I recommend, to Raspberry, Strawberry, Gingerale, Cola Blue-like Pepsi or Cola Red-like Coke, Cream, Birch Beer-a personal favorite, and many, many more.The price is reasonable to the point both Mike and Donna May filled a crate with assorted flavors.

We highly recommend Nutmeggers especially those who like to entertain-try this sweet little treasure tucked in the hills of Connecticut.

And below some links to the Antique shops we perused, and purchased some goodies:
KDMAntiques-open on weekends only

and there were more, but alas! no websites!

Donna May purchased some gorgeous antique buttons at Patti’s Treasures-a favorite spot for my husband and I. We ended up with a vintage orange fiesta pitcher. At KDM Donna May snagged a set of antique keys for five bucks and a beautiful victorian mirror. Mike and I are contemplating an antique bed there for our master bedroom.

Come visit Hartford County y’all!


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ABOUT MOI: I was born in San Francisco, California to highly intelligent parents, and my sister is pretty darn smart too. It's unclear if I inherited the smart genes. I graduated with a B.A. in Art from Marymount College Over a couple of decades, I illustrated and designed for newspapers, greeting card companies, in corporate graphic departments and publishing empires. I reside with my antique dealer husband and two house rabbits in a the third oldest home in Connecticut–(honest!-no ghosts-bummer). My husband will be joining ETSY with his own shop called: "VintageUrban" soon. ARTIST STATEMENT: I seek to amuse. When I come up with something more profound I'll put it in here. KUDOS: Over the years my work in various forms has been published in: NYTimes, DollWorld, Contemporary Doll Collector, Doll Castle News, SCBWI magazine, Color! magazine, Jane Green's Down to Earth Blog, Doll World, Scholastics, Westport Magazine, Mail Me Art, and more. In 2007 I was invited to do something for the State Capitol's Holiday Tree by Governor Rell. I chose to needle felt a bear ornament rather than hang from the tree myself. I named him "Nutmeg" as Connecticut is the "Nutmeg" state. ASSOCIATIONS: I'm the founder of or Original Doll Artisans of Connecticut-we're on Facebook. I'm also a member of SCBWI-Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Licensing- my designs are finding favor with licensing clients my work will soon be seen on needlepoint canvases and gourmet ice cream labels. That's about it. Amusingly yours, Suzanne Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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