Creative Tri-State Women NIADA Comes to Connecticut-Finally. . .

For more info on the NIADA show and to sign up for workshops:

My interest for doll artistry developed almost a decade ago on eBay. My husband just started his online business and I was exiting my freelance illustration business to take a day job. We were getting married, we needed a house, and his business was flourishing, mine not so. I volunteered to get the job with benefits.

Doll making came in at an opportune time as my mood was dark, I wanted to continue as a freelancer, but logically it wasn’t possible with a fiancé soon-to-be husband in his own business. I remember I stayed in bed for three days, didn’t even wash my hair, bemoaning the re-entrance into the nine-to-five world. I feared having to spend art supply money on clothes– suits even, having to say things like “rank prioritize” and “sac all calls” and all the other corporate lingo-snigglets that spread like brushfire when working within the confines of a cubicle maze.

Luckily I found a job that allowed me to continue purchasing art supplies and time to create. I believe there are two kinds of women in this world, those who spend money on art/craft supplies and those who put shoes and clothes first. I remember back in college joking with my two best friends who were also art majors that our Christmas lists requested jigsaws, paintbrushes, and tutorial books-often making our mothers eyes roll.

I would surf on eBay-before etsy times- along with my husband, and happened upon artist dolls, all kinds. Fairies were hot, primitive dolls were hot. Seeing the crude prim dolls sell for a tidy profit I foolishly ignored my personal style to create hastily made prim dolls. Some sold, many not, this was one of many lessons not to jump on the popular bandwagon, but to find my way in the art world. Always create from the heart some say, I say always create by discovering your authentic voice, AND continue to hone your skills.

Eventually I discovered needlefelting through a course at Brookfield Crafts Center here in Connecticut. Suddenly I found a medium that worked for me, unlike the messy Paperclay that ended up more on me than my lumpy creations. From there I decided I needed a motivating factor-other doll artists to share ideas and techniques with. So I looked online, found some Connecticut doll artists and voila: Original Doll Artisans of CT was born.

One of the members Donna May Robinson Pellittieri is the president of Niada and this year-it’s in STAMFORD CONNECTICUT! It’s been seven full years since I’ve attended one of their conferences, and ladies and gents, all ye creatifs-it’s worth the trip to see the show and attend some workshops.

I’m signed up for Deborah Pope’s workshop-I’ve wanted to study with this fiber artist for YEARS!

Hope to see you there!


About suzanneurban

ABOUT MOI: I was born in San Francisco, California to highly intelligent parents, and my sister is pretty darn smart too. It's unclear if I inherited the smart genes. I graduated with a B.A. in Art from Marymount College Over a couple of decades, I illustrated and designed for newspapers, greeting card companies, in corporate graphic departments and publishing empires. I reside with my antique dealer husband and two house rabbits in a the third oldest home in Connecticut–(honest!-no ghosts-bummer). My husband will be joining ETSY with his own shop called: "VintageUrban" soon. ARTIST STATEMENT: I seek to amuse. When I come up with something more profound I'll put it in here. KUDOS: Over the years my work in various forms has been published in: NYTimes, DollWorld, Contemporary Doll Collector, Doll Castle News, SCBWI magazine, Color! magazine, Jane Green's Down to Earth Blog, Doll World, Scholastics, Westport Magazine, Mail Me Art, and more. In 2007 I was invited to do something for the State Capitol's Holiday Tree by Governor Rell. I chose to needle felt a bear ornament rather than hang from the tree myself. I named him "Nutmeg" as Connecticut is the "Nutmeg" state. ASSOCIATIONS: I'm the founder of or Original Doll Artisans of Connecticut-we're on Facebook. I'm also a member of SCBWI-Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Licensing- my designs are finding favor with licensing clients my work will soon be seen on needlepoint canvases and gourmet ice cream labels. That's about it. Amusingly yours, Suzanne Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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