My Give-Away Post-Oh Boy! And a Little on Networking Etiquette

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Pikaland a popular blog run by illustrator Amy Ng is hosting a give-a-way of four items from my ETSY shop. I opted to advertise with this blog as its quirky presentation of all things today in the illustration field appealed to me. I was thrilled when I met their standard. I’ve received some decent hits on my newer ETSY shop: suzanneurban from advertising with PikaLand. But their requirements are specific, their ad campaign represents illustrators who have a “hand-drawn” quality to their art. If this fits your bill, and you’re interested please tell Amy I sent you–I’m not expecting something back from the referral but I think it important that us uber-networking names stay fresh in the ethernet.


FYI the give-a-way ends 1.17.12. The comment-entries to date make my heart sing. Feedback is everything.

This give-away event brings me to another networking thought, or pet peeve. Have you ever met a creative who’s flung a dozen or so business cards at you never to ask for yours in return? There’s an etiquette behind networking that must not be ignored. Egocentric personalities need not apply.

Online networking etiquette is harder. I have requirements for my new blogroll. I’m posting links to blogs that I follow, or fancy, or read when I have the time, and that have a large follow-ship because of their quality. Blogs my readers would enjoy. I realize this sounds outrageously snobbish, but I’ve been approached by part-time bloggers with garish-ly designed sites with no real editorial focus wanting to trade links. This becomes awkward, how do I respond to them? I’ll get back to you on this. Quite simply: my requirements for the blogroll is the networking help I need to aid my creative business goals. Yes, my blog link isn’t on some of these blogs, but I haven’t earned it, this blog is new. Still, the online company you keep is key.

For those talented friend-colleagues who graciously network my site with a link, I won’t forget them, as they are so deserving in getting their name out there. I will be adding a section called Friends/Colleagues in the future on this blog–I’m still learning the ins and outs of WordPress.

And what’s with the folks who unsubscribe from my newsletter but expect me to subscribe to theirs? The internet is transparent, not anonymous we’re all on the same playing field here folks. Play nice.


About suzanneurban

ABOUT MOI: I was born in San Francisco, California to highly intelligent parents, and my sister is pretty darn smart too. It's unclear if I inherited the smart genes. I graduated with a B.A. in Art from Marymount College Over a couple of decades, I illustrated and designed for newspapers, greeting card companies, in corporate graphic departments and publishing empires. I reside with my antique dealer husband and two house rabbits in a the third oldest home in Connecticut–(honest!-no ghosts-bummer). My husband will be joining ETSY with his own shop called: "VintageUrban" soon. ARTIST STATEMENT: I seek to amuse. When I come up with something more profound I'll put it in here. KUDOS: Over the years my work in various forms has been published in: NYTimes, DollWorld, Contemporary Doll Collector, Doll Castle News, SCBWI magazine, Color! magazine, Jane Green's Down to Earth Blog, Doll World, Scholastics, Westport Magazine, Mail Me Art, and more. In 2007 I was invited to do something for the State Capitol's Holiday Tree by Governor Rell. I chose to needle felt a bear ornament rather than hang from the tree myself. I named him "Nutmeg" as Connecticut is the "Nutmeg" state. ASSOCIATIONS: I'm the founder of or Original Doll Artisans of Connecticut-we're on Facebook. I'm also a member of SCBWI-Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Licensing- my designs are finding favor with licensing clients my work will soon be seen on needlepoint canvases and gourmet ice cream labels. That's about it. Amusingly yours, Suzanne Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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One Response to My Give-Away Post-Oh Boy! And a Little on Networking Etiquette

  1. Great ideas and always a lot happening with you on your site, Suzanne! Thanks for the inspiration!

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